NVS Corportate Services, Inc. offers comprehensive mechanical and building maintenance services. Whether it is as small as replacing light bulbs or as big as replacing the HVAC system, NVS approaches every job with eagerness and professionalism. NVS can also coordinate with and manage other professional service companies if specialized technical services are required.


NVS Corporate Services, Inc. provides the solutions you need to keep your HVAC systems running efficiently with as little down time as possible. NVS is your single source contractor for all your HVAC needs, including filter replacements, preventative maintenance, and emergency repairs. NVS also provides new commercial and industrial HVAC installation.


If boiler systems are essential to your commercial and industrial operations, then trust NVS to make sure they run as effectively as possible. NVS can provide repairs, preventative maintenance and routine inspections to ensure that all systems are up to code, working properly, and catch any potential issues that may need to be addressed.


NVS has the resources to maintain plumbing and boiler piping for commercial and industrial facilities. Whether you need chilled water mains, domestic hot water, hot water circulation, a water softener or more, NVS has a solution for you.  NVS supports all of your plumbing and piping needs whether it’s maintenance, repairs or new installations.

Life Saving Systems

At NVS, we know how important it is to keep your employees and the facility around them safe and prepared for a possible emergency. Not only are we familiar with the applicable regulations, but we can ensure that your facility is compliant. From fire systems maintenance to emergency response services, NVS is ready to support your business when you need us.


It’s easy to underestimate the importance of light in your facility, but lighting is crucial to employee safety and productivity. NVS Corporate Services, Inc. specializes in lighting solutions for all types of commercial and industrial facilities that provide optimal lighting while providing energy and operational savings.

No Job Is Too Small!
We can provide a custom solution for your facility on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Contact us today to get started.

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